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Climate - 21/02/2018
The IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference is expected to take place from 5 to 7 March 2018 in Edmonton, Canada. UCLG, together with ICLEI, C40, Cities Alliance, UN-Habitat, UN-Environment and other partner institutions, is co-organizing this conference that aims to inspire the next frontier of research focused on the science of cities and climate change. (+)
UCLG Role play
The World Urban Forum that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 7 to 13 February was the perfect occasion to strengthen and mobilize our global network through our learning activities. The two side events organized by UCLG were a great opportunity to share local opportunities and solutions and learn from our international partners. Learning about the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) allowed us to put local actions and strategies at the centre of our network. (+)
The proliferation of observatories and monitoring platforms is one of the most visible results of the growing need for local and regional governments to contribute to the reporting processes on global agendas (Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), New Urban Agenda, Climate Agreements, etc.) and improve the mechanisms of knowledge exchange. (+)
World Urban Forum
New Urban Agenda - 15/02/2018
As the Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum comes to an end, from United Cities and Local Governments, we would like to commend the different parts of the network for their participation and active engagement throughout the duration of the event, as well as to all of the actors and partners who have contributed to the visibility of the networks of Local and Regional Governments. (+)
New Urban Agenda - 09/02/2018
The UCLG global network actively contributed to the success of the World Assembly of local and regional governments’ session that took place on the 8th of February in the context of the World Urban Forum (#WUF9) as facilitator of the Global Taskforce of local and regional governments. (+)
UCLG Award - Mexico City - Culture 21
Agenda 21 of Culture, Award - 07/02/2018
UCLG and the Committee on Culture are fully engaged in the search of a sustainable cultural development at local, national and international level. The International Prize "UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21" aims to recognize leaders - cities or personalities - who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to culture as a pillar of sustainable development. (+)