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Gallery of important participants at the Forum
- 09/06/2021
The V Forum spanned over five days of discussions, from 26 May to 1 June 2021, held in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, in mostly virtual sessions. The V Forum placed emphasis      on labour and employment, as key challenges for COVID recovery, and was hosted by the municipal and provincial government and the Agency of Local Economic development from Cordoba ADEC. (+)
Cities Are Listening - Towards the Lampedusa Charter
Migration, Migración - 05/04/2021
On 4 May, around twenty international actors and civil society partners met in a consultation chaired by Totò Martello, Mayor of Lampedusa, on the distinct visions and thematic priorities to inform the co-creation process that will lead to the Lampedusa Charter. (+)
UCLG Secretariat and PLATFORMA  members became the first trainers of Learning Module 4: Localizing the SDGs through Decentralized Cooperation (DC). Between 28 April and 4 May, participants embarked on a dynamic programme taking them through the six chapters of UCLG Learning’s latest training of the trainers module, exploring the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ of DC and its effective implementation for the SDGs. (+)
Call for the end of violence in Palestine and Israel
ciudadesdepaz, Paz, Peace - 25/05/2021
The membership of United Cities and Local Governments is deeply concerned about the increasing violence and tension in Palestine and Israel. More than 200   have   lost   their   lives,   and   over   a thousand Palestinians have been... (+)
The V World Forum on Local Economic Development comes to Cordoba
- 25/05/2021
The 5th World Forum on Local Economic Development will take place from 26 May to 1 June 2021. The first Forum with a completely virtual format, five days of live broadcasting from Cordoba, Argentina, and more than 200 speakers from America, Europe, Asia and Africa. (+)
- 10/05/2021
The passing away of this outstanding municipalist fills us with sadness, the former Mayor of Rosario, former Governor of Santa Fe and former Vice-President of UCLG has left an important legacy in our movement. (+)