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UCLG calls for the international release of vaccine patents
health - 21/04/2021
Faced with the slowdown of vaccination worldwide, UCLG joins the voices of NGOs and health institutions around the world calling for the temporary release of vaccine patents so that vaccines can be produced by any country in the world. (+)
Towards a Future Tourism Strategy: Ensuring a sustainable tourism that benefits people and the planet in the aftermath
citiesarelistening - 20/04/2021
After the pandemic our cities will never be the same again. COVID-19 has had a major impact on citizens and, above all, has deepened structural inequalities and has also called into question many of the certainties we had before the pandemic. As the UCLG Decalogue points out, the pandemic has shed light on the consumption model of many cities, and of delocalized and unsustainable production systems. In the world to come, both during and after the recovery, it will be essential to rebalance the relationship between economic growth, the environment and public priorities. (+)
Slide on Indonesian Disaster Risk Index, highlights the aspects of Adaptive Capacity, Coping Capacity, and Bounce Back Better
Résilience - 15/04/2021
Multilevel governance, with clear responsibilities, coordination mechanisms, and competences matched with adequate resources at every level, is a key aspect of disaster risk management and resilience building, and critical to the development of integrated national and local resilience strategies. (+)
The recovery needs to also consider our communities’ mental health and equitable access to public space.
- 14/04/2021
The global impact of the COVID 19 pandemic has affected all facets of public and private lives in various forms. Some of the key preventative measures include physical distancing, restriction of movement, restriction of access to public spaces and enhanced hygiene protocols to name but a few. Whilst these measures are implemented in the interest of public health and wellbeing there are often unintended consequences that come with the limitation of access to public space, in particular mental health and wellbeing of youth children and elderly. (+)
UCLG, a lead partner of the SUM Bilbao Congress
Urban mobility - 14/04/2021
SUM Bilbao will take place on 6-7 October 2021. A major international event in which institutions, local and regional governments, and companies will discuss strategic aspects, exchange experiences and solutions and work together to build the mobility of the future with sustainability as key driver. (+)
The power of local transformation at the SDG Global Festival of Action
The SDG Global Festival of Action, organized by the UN SDG Action Campaign, took place  the 25th and 26th of March 2021, with the aim to promote new ways to implement the SDGs and to mobilize and connect people and organizations.UCLG participated in different sessions of the SDG Global Festival of Action. (+)